Detoxing in a Sri Lankan tea plantation – Santani Wellness

I’ve done Sri Lanka a fair few times before, but I’ve never headed inland toward Kandy. That’s where you’ll find Santani Wellness, a luxury health retreat.

When detoxing in Sri Lanka at Santani

This minimalist venue sits on an old tea plantation, nestled between rolling hills and rain-draped mountains. Getting there requires a four-hour flight from Dubai (we took FlyDubai, always cheap and cheerful), a five-hour drive up a mountain, and then a 10-minute tuk-tuk drive to the rooms. With each stage, the chaos of the world dropped away — until, at last, there was just nature.

Santani excels at nature. The rooms, all done in similar styles of four-poster beds and clean lines, have floor-to-ceiling windows opening onto massive balconies. There are two pools: one’s perched atop a hill for sunbathing; the other is tucked between slabs of grey stone, heated with natural salt water. The yoga shala and spa spaces are all open to the elements.

Technology is discouraged, which I think is pretty epic. You can get wifi in your room on request. Otherwise, laptops and mobile devices are best left at home.

When we went, there was loads of rain. But coming from Dubai it was refreshing, a charming chance to sit indoors with a book and a large mug of tea.

I’ll be writing about Santani quite a bit, I imagine, because it’s somewhere I’d definitely recommend. I’ll link the stories as I go along, so you can get a better feel for other elements. But basically, yes. I liked it a lot. It was gorgeous. It was green. It let me switch off. What more could a desert-living gal desire?


Santani Wellness in Sri Lanka, shot by @CarlyNeave


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